Then Sings My Soul

No full post tonight due to weak wifi signal, but I must say today was rather incredible visiting the site of the Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem and then heading straight to St. Anne’s church to sing with our group (with special guests from Calvin Seminary) in acoustical heaven.

The shrine built over the place where Jesus was buried. In the Church of the Resurrection. 

The beauty of this location, unlike any other we have see so far, is that the amount of certainty of this being the place of the resurrection is virtually indisputable. Archaeologists (who treat the topic very scientifically and objectively) say that if the resurrection happened it would’ve happened at this spot without a doubt. We also know through historical research that this location was being venerated and visited by pilgrims within 100 years of the resurrection.

After climbing out of the “tomb” we were handed a candle to light and place in the railings that surround the sepulcher. We were told to pray or light the candle in honor of someone who passed or who needs the hope of resurrection in their life. I thought of my grandparents who passed – for Jake and Alice, and Les – whose faith they received was passed on to my parents and then on to me. Though they are here no longer, they remain  living stones through their witness…the same witness that has been passed down from Mary at the tomb who said, “I have seen the Lord!” With them and all the saints who have gone before us we can declare that God is not dead, he’s alive! I believe God has done the same for these saints and will do the same for us in the midst of all our uncertainty, worry and doubt. As Marlin said to us yesterday, “If God liberates Jesus when he’s held captive [by death and the grave], can he do the same for us? I say he can, and he does…in many ways!”

“Oh death! Where is your sting?
Oh hell! Where is your victory?
Oh Church! Come stand in the light!
The glory of God has defeated the night!”

Sometimes the glory of God found in music speaks for itself though, right?